Building Trust

Quiz 1

1. Tito has a new supervisor. He’s never met the supervisor before but wants to build a trusting relationship. Which trust driver should Tito prioritize?





Quiz 2

1. The person shown would like others to recognize her competency. Which advice would you give her?

Interrupt more often to show that you are in charge.

Tidy up the background behind you.

Move the camera angle to establish better eye contact.

Dress more professionally.

2. Param recently started working from home. His manager has never managed remote workers before and expresses subtle concerns about the arrangement. What advice would you give Param?

Provide your manager with frequent, concise updates. Don’t respond to her emails when you receive them as it might indicate that you aren’t busy with projects.

Provide your manager with frequent updates with a lengthy itemized list of each task you worked on every day

Provide your manager with frequent, concise updates. Respond to emails letting your manager know that you received work requests or questions and are working on them.

Create a learning action plan to continue growing your technical and industry expertise.

Quiz 3

1. A team meeting is just beginning. People are socializing while everyone arrives. Which of the following images best projects a person’s warmth in this situation?

Photo of man standing during a video call. He is wearing business casual attire and has his arms crossed.

photo of woman sitting on couch. She is wearing informal stylish clothes, has relaxed posture, and shows a warm smile.

Photo of man sitting during a video call. He is wearing business casual attire and has his hands folder together and resting on the desk.
image of a camera-turned-off icon

2. Travis shares the following with you: “I’m studying for my MBA while working full time. I’m getting married in September and the planning seems endless. Plus my brother lost his job and he and his dog just moved in with us. I never have a second alone and can’t even remember the last time I had a weekend just to kick back and watch a game or something.” Which response is the best way to paraphrase Travis?

Sounds chaotic. I imagine you’re feeling pretty stressed.

Why did you let your brother move in?

You have A LOT on your plate.

Consider taking a semester off from your MBA until after the wedding.

3. Your team is geographically dispersed. You want to build trust by showing you care. Which of these actions would be the most useful?

Focus on results.

Make sure you mention your past successes and the interesting projects you’re currently working on when you have time to catch up with your team.

Open virtual meeting rooms at exactly the meeting start time–encourages people not to waste time arriving early.

Create a chart that lists your teammates’ names, where they work/time zone, and when you last talked with them.

4. Jerome is frustrated by the numerous errors in a recent financial report he received from Carolyn. Which mindset will help Jerome maintain a trusting relationship?

Think to himself, “I need to let this go. It isn’t worth an argument.”

Think to himself, “Don’t be angry. She’s just not a detail-oriented person.”

Think to himself, “She might have been distracted or rushed when creating this report.”

Think to himself, “She’s kind of careless and this is the consequence.”

Quiz 4

1. Emily asks her colleagues to give her feedback on her competency, empathy, and authenticity. Based on their feedback, she decides to work on authenticity. Looking at this photo of Emily in a video team meeting where she agrees with the idea being discussed, what suggestion would you make for her?

Make sure your pet doesn’t enter the screen as it distracts people from the meeting agenda.

Smile less to communicate that you take your meetings seriously.

Get more training to advance your business knowledge.

Continue to use your real background.

2. Phil is the Vice President of Sales at his company. He received feedback from an anonymous 360 degree survey that people are impressed with his sales abilities, but aren’t sure they can trust him. They said they were never quite sure when Phil was telling the truth and when he was just saying whatever it takes to make a sale. Phil decides he wants to project more authenticity. Which action would be the best next step for Phil?

Build authenticity expertise by going back to school for an MBA.

Share stories of times he’s tried and failed on initiatives at work.

When asked his opinion, try not to stay neutral.

Keep his personal life out of the workplace and resist talking about his family, hobbies, etc.

3. Sebastian is sharing with you that a prized client would prefer to work with him rather than with you. You notice that he isn’t making eye contact with you while he talks. What is an important next step for you?

Trust Sebastian without question.

Shout “Lie!” and gauge his reaction.

Realize that Sebastian is lying.

Don’t assume Sebastian is lying but notice if any other deception cues are present. If they are, ask more questions.

Quiz 5

1. Which behavior would help the most to build trust on team?

Extend trust to others by letting them run with projects and initiatives without oversight.

Communicate checkpoints early on in projects so people know they are trusted even when you check in.

Keep your camera off during virtual team meetings so people can’t detect when you disagree with them.

Trust must be earned. Until others prove they are trustworthy, be cautious.

2. Which is an accurate description of the “3 then me” guideline?

The “3 then me” guideline encourages meeting participants to offer three suggestions or changes to teammates and then ask for feedback on one’s own behavior. The tactic encourages feedback.

The “3 then me” guideline encourages meeting participants to speak, then wait for three different people to speak BEFORE speaking again. The tactic is intended to balance talk time, which builds trust.

The “3 then me” guideline encourages meeting participants to include three business agenda items and then an ice breaker. The tactic is intended to keep meetings productive while also helping the team bond.

The “3 then me” guideline encourages meeting participants to speak, then wait for three different people to speak BEFORE speaking again. The tactic is intended to keep the meeting more interesting.

3. Jose leads a global team that meets once every two weeks. Which advice would you give to him to build trust?

Keep microphones muted.

Share the time zone burden.

Arrive at the meeting at precisely the start time and get right to the first agenda.

Keep meetings at exactly the same time so people don’t get confused.

Quiz 6

1. Theo has had a series of troubling events with a colleague, Grace. Once it seemed Grace took credit for his idea, but she said he must have misunderstood what she said. Another time, a colleague shared that she had been criticizing his work behind his back. When Theo confronted Grace, she said, “You’re making too big of a deal about this.” What is a wise next step for Theo?

Differentiate between careless and deliberate betrayals.

Continue to trust Grace without question. Trusting others builds trust.

Continue mentally noting these situations.

Criticize her behind her back so she knows how it feels.

2. Carolyn was running out of time on a deadline and submitted a report to Jerome that she later realized was full of errors. Jerome ended up looking bad in front of the executive committee because of the mistakes. Which response from Carolyn has the best chance of rebuilding the trust that was violated?

Jerome, I’m so sorry. Please accept my apology and know that I never intended to make you look bad.

Jerome, I know you’re upset, and I don’t blame you, but you have got to give me more lead time on these reports. I simply cannot be expected to turn them around in less than 24 hours.

Say nothing. Mistakes happen and revisiting the problem only further damages Carolyn’s credibility.

Jerome, I rushed that report and let you down. I’m so sorry. From here on, I’m going to block time on my calendar every Wed afternoon to be sure I give that report the time it needs. I would be happy to make corrections to the report and resend it to the Exec Committee claiming responsibility for the last mess.


1. An important way to show trust is by listening. When you are on a video call, how can you show someone that you are listening to them?

Summarize what the other person said.

Sit quietly without moving around.

Contribute to the conversation via chat.

2. A colleague has not responded to two requests for information. What is a best practice to help you assume positive intent?

Keep in mind that your colleague is generally unreliable.

Come up with situational factors to explain the behavior.

Ask others whether they know about any issues with this colleague.

3. How can you create a sense of connection and authenticity with your client during a video call?

Use your speaker so you can freely talk with your hands.

Select a neutral background so you appear professional.

Maintain a serious demeanor so the client knows you are listening.

4. To build a more trusting connection with your colleagues, how can you self-disclose and show authenticity?

Talk about your past jobs.

Be blunt in your feedback.

Share your failures.

5. How can you avoid unconscious bias when trying to determine a person’s trustworthiness?

Challenge your negative perceptions.

Focus on body language.

Rely on your instinct to trust the familiar.

6. As a new supervisor who wants to build trust with your team, which trust driver should you prioritize?




7. You are planning your first hybrid team meeting. What is a best practice you can implement to help ensure that the meeting is a good experience for all?

Turn off microphones so people only speak when called on, ensuring that everyone participates.

Plan separate activities for the team members who are not in the room.

Set up technology so people online see the same thing as people in the room.

8. You are meeting with several business partners to discuss a new project. How can you boost your credibility during the meeting?

Talk faster.

Take a lot of notes.

Spread out your items on the table.

9. As a remote worker, how can you build trust with your manager and ensure that they understand your accomplishments?

Send short email updates.

Share how busy you are.

Let your work speak for itself.

10. Your team is located around the globe, so the only time you are all together is during weekly hybrid meetings. What can you do to build trust during the meetings?

Encourage the use of chat for sidebar conversations.

Meet at a set time that is convenient for most.

Be a connector to help others get to know one another.

11. How can you demonstrate empathy with your direct reports when your entire team works remotely?

Send emails to show connection.

Turn your camera on during virtual meetings.

Use confident and assertive language.

12. How can you differentiate between one-time careless violations of trust and deliberate betrayals?

Ask a colleague for their opinion of the situation.

Trust your instincts.

Document promises and actions taken.

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