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Certificates Guide

Time Management and Ways of Thinking- Linkedin Learning

Total 23 Certificates & Final Certificate Will Not Generated!

  1. Beating procrastination – [1 Certificate]
  2. How to Set Goals when Everything Feels like a priority – [1 Certificate]
  3. Efficient Time Management – [2 Certificates]
  4. Time Management Fundamentals – [3 Certificates]
  5. Finding your Time Management Style – [3 Certificates]
  6. Productivity: Prioritizing at work – [1 Certificate]
  7. Time Management Tips – [1 Certificate]
  8. Critical Thinking – [ 3 certificate]
  9. Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision-Making – [2 Certificate]
  10. Using questions for Foster Critical thinking and curiosity – [2 Certificates]
  11. Improving your judgement for better Decision-Making – [1 Certificate]
  12. Making quick Decisions – [ 1 Certificate]
  13. Problem Solving techniques- [2 certificates]

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