Communication within Teams

1. Research shows that effective _ produce better outcomes than _.

managers; individuals or uncoordinated groups
teams; individuals or uncoordinated groups
individuals; teams or uncoordinated groups

2. Jamal tells Carla that something she said was hurtful to him. Now, it is Carla’s turn to respond. What kind of response is best?

Carla should explain how Jamal’s actions fit into a larger pattern of hurtful behavior.
Carla should articulate her understanding of Jamal’s perspective.
Carla should agree with Jamal’s perspective.
Carla should defend what she said.

3. Which statement about conditions of satisfaction is FALSE?

Conditions of satisfaction define what is acceptable and what is the bare minimum of achievement.
Conditions of satisfaction should be established before you start your project.
Conditions of satisfaction are different than goals.
Conditions of satisfaction should be established once team members confront their first obstacle.

4. What does AAR stand for?

Anonymous author review
After-action review
Active assessment review
Anonymous assessment report

5. What tool can you use to ensure team members are accountable for their roles and meeting minimum expectations?

the Say-Do matrix
the microleader tool
the five W’s
the consequence tool

6. You manage a team that is geographically distributed. How can you encourage your team to engage in conversations?

Ask open-ended questions.
Create virtual spaces for conversations.
Host virtual socials.
all of these answers

7. You are in a meeting and your team’s discussion starts to stray off topic. You interrupt the conversation and remind the group to stay focused on the key agenda items. In this scenario, what role did you take on?


8. What is the C in LESCANT and why is it important?

Context. It is important to know whether the teammate is from high or low context culture.
Clarity. It is important to communicate simply and clearly when working in a multilingual setting.
Culture. It is important to know the culture of the teammate.

9. What is NOT true about a team charter?

Team charters should be created with an HR representative present.
Team charters outline expectations for how your team will collaborate.
An important part of a team charter includes rules and norms for communicating.
Well-crafted team charters can help you avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

10. Which of these questions might be included in a team charter?

What are your ground rules for communication?
all of these answers
How will you make decisions?
What will you do when a conflict arises?

11. A RACI matrix tracks and assigns responsibilities to team members. Which of these items is NOT a part of the RACI matrix?

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