Data Mining | Week 1

Data Mining Week 1 Answers

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1. Which of the following is usually the last step in the data mining process?

a. Visualization

b. Preprocessing

c. Modelling

d. Deployment

2. Sales database of items in a supermarket can be considered as an example of:

a) Record data

b) Ordered data

c) Graph data

d) None of the above

3. HTML links are an example of:

a) Record data

b) Ordered data

c) Graph data

d) None of the above

4. Name of a place, can be considered an attribute of type?

a) Nominal

b) Ordinal

c) Interval

d) Ratio

5. A store sells 10 items. Maximum possible number of candidate 3-itemsets is:

a) 120

b) 6

c) 15

d) 56

6. If a record data matrix has reduced number of columns after a transformation, the transformation has performed:

a) Data Sampling

b) Dimensionality Reduction

c) Noise Cleaning

d) Discretization

Answer Q7-Q10 based on the following table:

7. Support of rule {4,5} ‐> {1}

a) 1

b) 0.5

c) 0.25

d) 0

8. Confidence of rule {4,5} -> {1} is:

a) 1

b) 0.5

c) 0.25

d) 0.75

9. Support of {1} -> {2,5} is:

a) 2/3

b) 2/2

c) 1/4

d) 3/4

10. Confidence of {1} -> {2,5}

a) 2/3

b) 1

c) 0

d) 0.5

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