Design Thinking Data Intelligence

Design Thinking Data Intelligence | FINAL EXAM

1. What does “pivoting” mean in the process of concept development?

  • applying the same concept to a completely different problem
  • adapting or modifying a concept to address one of the four enablers
  • identifying data required to validate a concept
  • ideating to establish the antithesis of the design concept

2. In the scientific method, a hypothesis is formed and tested. What is the analogy to the hypothesis in the design process?

  • a very large data set
  • a product test or experiment
  • a design, solution, or product
  • customer feedback

3. What is the difference between data prototyping and data-driven prototyping?

  • Data-driven prototyping requires a larger team and more time.
  • Data-driven prototyping uses real data and requires early collaboration.
  • Data prototyping does not require much designer effort, but is data-intensive.
  • Data prototyping is closer to a finished product.

4. Julia runs a site purveying specialty hats. How might she best use predictive analysis?

  • to track previous purchases
  • to predict whether or not a customer is going to make a purchase
  • to solicit new customers
  • to choose appropriate types and colors of hats with which to tempt repeat customers

5. How can you best ensure your continued relevance in the areas of design thinking and data intelligence?

  • by digging deeper into the interactions of psychology and AI
  • by becoming an expert coder
  • by evolving with new technology and data
  • by specializing in traditional statistics

6. Which of the four enabling verbs applies to the situation of automating repetitive tasks to create more free time?

  • discover
  • transform
  • humanize
  • expedite

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