Discovering Your Strengths

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Final Exam

1. Which of the following is not a recommended step to invest time in growing your strengths?

Commit to deliver something related to your strength.
Ask for a promotion.
Gather materials to develop strengths
Determine the time investment you will make.

2. When matching up your strengths with your confirmed job responsibilities, what’s an important thing to keep in mind?

If everything doesn’t perfectly align, you should look for a new job.
There will most likely be a mix of items that match and items that don’t match.
If you really enjoy your job, you can skip this step, because you are already satisfied in your career.
List your strengths at random, whatever comes to mind first.

3. The goal of this course is _____.

to show you how to improve upon what you are already good at
all of these answers
to help you match your strengths with your day-to-day job duties
to take you down a path of self-discovery

4. The purpose of having someone you know give 360 degree feedback is so that _____.

you can gain a sense of what you need to improve on.
you can receive feedback from an anonymous source.
you can become more aware of your skills.
your friend can give you the answers that will make you happy.

5. What would NOT be a typical question to ask when assessing the gifts of a friend?

What comes easily to this person?
In what area does this person have above-average abilities?
What is something this person has to try very hard to be good at?
What are some things you wish you could do as well as this person?

6. What can you do to continually improve upon your strengths?

Pick a strength and assign an unwritten goal to it.
Set quarterly goals and create actions to support those goals.
Make one large, lofty goal and review it after one year has passed.
Set quarterly goals for your top five strengths and review them monthly.

7. What kind of question would you not find on this skill discovery worksheet?

What careers were you exposed to when you were growing up?
What was the focus of your education?
What jobs do you wish to hold in the future?
Who have your mentors been?

8. How do you know which of your strengths are the strongest over all?

By how much money you feel you can make with one.
By trusting your gut.
By randomly considering each strength and discussing it with others.
By listing and rating them.

9. If your current job isn’t the best fit for your strengths, when is it recommend to look for a new position within your current company ?

all of these answers
The transition time from moving from one company to another is very costly.
You already have value because you understand how your current company works.
Your employer is flexible and you are willing to make a change.

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