DSA | 2022

Answer the following questions in comments So, that everybody can see the Answers!

Section A (5×2=10)

1. Define data structures and its types with suitable block diagram.

2. Define DFS and BFS in graph along with an example.

3. Discuss the concept of hashing also discuss open addressing collision handling technique in hashing

4. Define complete binary tree along with suitable example.

5. Discuss the concept of file organizations and its types.

Section B (4 x 5=20)

6. Discuss the concept of binary search also write an algorithm for binary search. Consider the following data Data: 1,22,30,33,40,44,55,60,77,80,88,99 search 80 using binary search.

8. Consider the following arithmetic infix expression transform into its equivalent postfix expression using method.

A+(BC (D/E^F) G)H

9. Construct an AVL tree using the following sequence of data: 64,1,14,26,13,110,98,95 Also perform deletion of a node 14.

10. Construct heap tree consider the following data elements. 44,30,50,22,60,55,77,55 Also discuss min heap and max heap along with suitable example.

Section C (3 x 10=30)

11. Define sorting, consider the following data-elements sort the elements using merge sort. 38, 27, 43, 3, 9, 82, 10. Also write an algorithm for merge sort with time complexity.

12. Construct the minimal spanning tree for the graph shown below using prim’s algorithm and kruskal’s algorithm.

Also, find the minimum cost of the spanning tree.

13. Create a binary search tree with the input given

50.23 , 19, 49, 64, 43, 110, 20, 4, 28, 55, 72, 115, 15

(a) Insert 11, 45, 108, 58 into the tree (b) Delete values 50 from the tree:

Also write an algorithm and properties of binary search tree.

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