Ethical Hacking | Week 10

Ethical Hacking Week 10 Assignment Answers

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Q1. Which of the following is/are true for black box testing kind of attack?
a. It is an invasive type of attack.
b. It is a non-invasive type of attack.
c. The attacker has information about the implementation details.

d. Itrelies on weakness of implementation

Q2. What are the typical countermeasures to prevent hardware-based attacks?
a. We obfuscate data in registers and buses.
b. We add preventive measures against side-channel attacks.
c. We provide authentication using physical unclonable functions.

d. We use a very secure cryptographic algorithm.

Q3. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true for side channel attacks?
a. They exploit some weakness in the algorithm.
b. They exploit some weakness in the implementation of the algorithm.
c. They require physical access to the device.

d. They only require the set of inputs/outputs to the algorithm.

Q4. Which of the following side channel(s) is/are typically exploited in side-channel attacks?
a. Electromagnetic emissions.
b. Time taken to execute an algorithm.

c. The time and space complexities of an algorithm.
d. Power consumed during computation.
e. All of these.

Q5. For modular exponentiation computation of x7, how many squaring and multiplication operations would be required?
a. 4 and 4.
b. 4 and 2.
c. 3 and 2.
d. 3 and 1.
e. None of these.

Q6. What does power analysis do?
a. It measures variation in power consumption during a computation.
b. It attacks the power supply and feeds power to the circuit.
c. lt relies on the use of a hardware Trojan in the circuit.
d. All of these.

Q7. Which of the following strategies can help to prevent power analysis attacks?
a. The computation times in the different branches of conditional statements must be unequal.
b. The computation times in the different branches of conditional statements must be the same.
c. We can use a random noise generator in the circuit.
d. We obfuscate the scan chains in the circuit.

Q8. What is the meaning of PUF?
a. Perfect Universal Function
b. Physically Unclonable Function
c. Polynomially Unclonable Function
d. None of these.

Q9. Which of the following is/are true for hardware Trojan?
a. It incurs small hardware overhead.
b. It is stealthy and usually difficult to detect.
c. It relies on a number of malicious nodes to mount attacks.

d. It is used to reduce power consumption.

Q10. What are some of the software-based countermeasures to prevent timing-based side-channel attack?
a. Use a structured programming language for implementation.
b. Mask the data representation.
c. Introduce redundant computations as required.

d. All of these.

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