Ethical Hacking | Week 12

Ethical Hacking Week 12 Assignment Answers

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Q1. With help of NMAP tool:
a. We can determine which host are alive.
b. We can determine the services running on any target system.
c. We can determine the OS of the target systems.

d. We can create a dictionary.
e. We can identify the vulnerabilities of the target system.

Q2. In ICMP (ECHO) sweep scan, a scanner sends an ICMP type-8 packet and receives a ICMP type-0 packet from target. What does it indicates?
a. Targetis alive/up.
b. Target is down.

Q3. Which of the following NMAP options can be used for TCP sweep scan?
a. —PE
b. —PP
c. —-PM
d. None of these.

Q4. Which of the following sweep scans are automatically done when we use —sn option.
a. ICMP Echo
b. ICMP Non-Echo
c. TCP Sweep
d. UDP Sweep

Q5. The number of host (IP) scanned by NMAP command “nmap —sL″ will be ______.


Q6. Which of the following NMAP options treats all hosts as online (skip host discovery)?
a. -sL
b. —sP
c. -PO
d. -su
e. —Pn

Q7. How many ports will be scanned using NMAP command “nmap –top-ports 5 Target_IP”?
a. 5
b. 100
c. 1000
d. 65535

Q8. In NMAP by default _______ number of ports are scanned.


Q9. In NMAP scan, a filtered port indicates that either the firewall or any other filter software is blocking nmap requests.
a. True.
b. False

Q10. Which of the following NMAP options can be used for OS, Services and Version detection?
a. —PE
b. -PP
c. —sV
d. -0

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