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Finding Your Time Management Style

Chapter Quiz

Chapter Quiz: Finding Your Time Management Style (

1. Discovering Your Style

1. Taking the time management style assessment will help you avoid

getting too specific

managing your time incorrectly

unnecessary information

jumping to conclusions

2. It’s important to recognize your _____ because it motivates you to do more, and to do better.

to-do list


small victories

finish line

3. Your manager has brought in a coach to help with everyone’s time management style. How will understanding time management styles help the team?

It will help the team stay consistent.

It will help the team refrain from temptation.

It will help the team’s productivity

It will help the team members’ personalities.

3. Why is the last step in taking the daily victory assessment perhaps considered the most important step?

By creating a bar graph, you have a visual representation of where you are on the scale of Likely Terms of Victory.

By writing what your terms of victory are after taking the assessment, you create a clearer definition of what productivity means to you

By adding the scores for the responses you provided in the assessment, you have a clearer picture of what you consider as victories.

By journalizing after you complete the assessment, you have a clearer picture of how your personality shapes the way you like to work.

4. Right now, you will gain the most value from watching videos that _____.

teach you the basics of time management

sound interesting

pertain to your two-time management styles

help you get a sense of how others work

6. Wyatt feels his job is too repetitive and not intellectually challenging. In terms of time management style, what is the likely reason Wyatt feels this way?

Wyatt needs a job with consistency.

Wyatt needs to be a trainer in this line of work.

Wyatt needs a job with diversity

Wyatt needs to be promoted.

7. At the conclusion of the assessment, what will you have determined?

your productivity styles

your two-time management styles

your time management system

your preferred work environment

8. Phillip is compiling his assessment results. Where is his time management style found?

at the beginning of both assessments

at the end of the variety consistency assessment

at the intersection of both assessments

at the end of the daily victory assessment

9. The best way to learn from this course would be to _____ after each technique is described.

teach it to someone else

pause the video and try out the action

take a mental note

take out a notepad

2. Variety-Based Styles

1. Co-workers that work _____ with each other despite their time management style differences can still be quite productive as a team.

while continually talking


in harmony

under considerable stress

2. Vivienne uses visual and verbal means to articulate ideas, and she likes to develop long-term projects. What choice best describes Vivienne’s variety-based style?





3. Raelynn enjoys talking and making connections with others. What should she do in order to gather all of her ideas and connections with others?

Raelynn should stop and take a break to write down her thoughts.

Raelynn should schedule some buffer time in her calendar to jot down her thoughts.

Raelynn should use a whiteboard to jot down her thoughts.

Raelynn should use a type of recorder to track her thoughts

4. You selected a team of engineers to solve a quality issue for one of your products. They all have the Solver time management style. How best will you schedule them?

Utilize a confirmed onsite schedule to keep them focused on a specific type of activity.

Create a schedule that directs them to use digital tools.

Include regular meetings with debate- and discussion-driven leadership.

Provide a flexible schedule that is focused on a specific type of activity

3. Consistency-Based Styles

1. Brandon is challenged with reserving time and creating a pattern for preparation. Which consistency-based style is Brandon, and what should he do to overcome these challenges?

Brandon is a Maker, and should only have four gathering points to keep track of tasks.

Brandon is an Educator, and should create boundaries in his schedule.

Brandon is a Doer, and should say no to certain tasks.

Brandon is a Nurturer, and should create a statement about why the task helps others.

2. Tahir knows he has a tendency to get absorbed in a task and then miss appointments. What should he do so others will view him as dependable and reliable?

He should practice patience and guidance.

He should take a break from his schedule.

He should focus on making incremental decisions.

He should add extra reminders in his schedule

3. Why is it important for individuals with the Analyzer time management style to have a patterned schedule that avoids interruption?

Analyzers spend their time in the creative process, so having a fixed schedule allows them more time to be creative.

Analyzers spend their time solving problems, so they need a fixed schedule more than the other time management styles will.

More so than the other time management styles, Analyzers need to schedule time off to recharge.

More so than the other time management styles, switching attention is costly to Analyzers

4. Working with Differing Styles

1. If a co-worker is unable or unwilling to complete this assessment on their own, the next best option is for you to _____.

hold a meeting to discuss its importance

send it to their manager

complete the assessment on their behalf

ask them why not

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