How to Present and Stay on Point

Quiz 1

1. What is the 10-second rule?

The audience should be able to understand a slide in 10 seconds.

You should not spend more than 10 seconds talking about a slide.

The audience will only pay attention to you for 10 seconds per slide.

You should spend less than 10 seconds explaining each item on a slide.

2. You have already prepared and practiced your presentation. How should you get ready for the event?

Reach out to all the audience members.

Prepare a transcript and audio recording.

Anticipate something going wrong.

3. How can you increase your emotional presence?

Smile and make eye contact.

Maintain a consistent pace but vary the volume.

Speak clearly and loudly.

Use gestures, pauses, and expressions.

Quiz 2

1. What is the best way to avoid technical errors during your presentation?

Have an A/V technician help.

Do not use your own laptop.

Implement a checklist.

Use cloud storage.

2. Three times during your presentation, an audience member’s phone rings. How should you respond?

Apologize and appeal for help.

Pause the presentation.

Ask the person to leave.

Smile knowingly and carry on.

3. What should you say if you receive an irrelevant question?

“I’m really not interested in that issue.”

“That’s interesting, but it might be too much off-topic. Can I discuss this with you later?”

“That’s really too much of a diversion. I think we should move on.”

“You’ll have to take that up with someone else.”

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