How to Set Goals When Everything Feels Like a Priority

Chapter Quiz

Chapter Quiz: How to Set Goals When Everything Feels Like a Priority (

1. How to Decide What’s Really a Priority

1. What is the first step in taking control of your schedule?

Create a schedule

Celebrate wins

Make a list of all tasks

2. Mua uses the Eisenhower matrix to help her make decisions. Which two factors does she consider?

the 20% of efforts that produce results and the 80% that do not

growth and impact

urgency and importance

3. Why should you think about the distant future when setting priorities?

to plan for retirement

to play it safe

to have adequate time to prepare

2. Taking Action on Your Priorities

1. How can you motivate yourself to complete a project, even if it is unpleasant?

by isolating yourself and working alone

by scheduling work up until the last minute

by thinking of the benefits

2. Atul is bored with the repetitive tasks required to complete his current project. How can he improve his attitude?

by taking short breaks periodically

by working four 30-hour shifts to complete the tedious work

by postponing the completion date

3. Maria is a strong proponent of the Pomodoro technique. Which scenario best describes what Maria does?

She schedules easy but tedious projects first and more difficult projects last.

She organizes her work environment to exacting standards.

She jumps into projects for a short time just to make a start.

4. Why should you cluster tasks into groups?

to have efficiency

to have variety

to estimate required effort and time

to postpone the difficult tasks

3. Overcome Obstacles in Your Goals

1. You are not really sure what your next step should be in your current project. How should you proceed?

Forge ahead despite uncertainty.

Talk with your supervisor and colleagues.

Wait until circumstances become clearer.

2. If you think your supervisor is giving you too much work, what should you do?

Lay out all your projects for your supervisor.

Consider company strategy.

Schedule regular check-ins.

Decrease your output.

3. Because of interruptions, Hwee Ling has been unable to pack her belongings for removal to storage. How can she ensure this job gets done?

Outsource the job.

Quit all other activities.

Put the job on her schedule.

4. Horst hasn’t made a dental appointment in three years. How can he best motivate himself to follow through on dental care?

by clearing his schedule of all other activities

by considering the consequences of not getting care for 10 years

by devoting his attention to learning about tooth decay and oral diseases

by thinking of the short-term benefits

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