Introduction to Data Analytics | Week 1

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Modern Data Ecosystem and the Role of Data Analytics

Practice Quiz

1. Which emerging technology has made it possible for every enterprise to have access to limitless storage and high-performance computing?

Cloud computing

Machine learning

Big Data

Internet of Things

2. Which of the data roles is responsible for extracting, integrating, and organizing data into data repositories?

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Analyst

3. When you analyze historical data to predict future outcomes what type of Data Analytics are you performing?

Predictive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Diagnostic Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Graded Quiz

1. A modern data ecosystem includes a network of continually evolving entities. It includes: 

Data sources, databases, and programming languages

Social media sources, data repositories, and APIs

Data providers, databases, and programming languages

Data sources, enterprise data repository, business stakeholders, and tools, applications, and infrastructure to manage data

2. Data Analysts work within the data ecosystem to:

Gather, clean, mine, and analyze data for deriving insights

Develop and maintain data architectures

Build Machine Learning or Deep Learning models

Provide business intelligence solutions by monitoring data on different business functions

3. When we analyze data in order to understand why an event took place, which of the four types of data analytics are we performing?

Diagnostic Analysis

Descriptive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Prescriptive Analysis

4. The first step in the data analysis process is to gain an in-depth understanding of the problem and the desired outcome. What are you seeking answers to at this stage of the data analysis process?

Where you are and where you need to be

The best tools for sourcing data

What will be measured and how it will be measured

The data you need 

5. From the provided list, select the three emerging technologies that are shaping today’s data ecosystem.

Machine Language, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things

Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data

Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Dashboarding

Big Data, Internet of Things, and Dashboarding

The Data Analyst Role

Practice Quiz

1. Which of these skills is essential to the role of a Data Analyst? 

Deep Learning models

Big Data Engineering

Machine learning


2. What, according to Sivaram Jaladi, goes a long way in lending credibility to your data analysis findings?

Networking with your stakeholders

Sharing your process of arriving at the findings with your stakeholders

Making sure the presentation looks good

Writing good queries

Graded Quiz

1. Why is proficiency in Statistics an important skill for a Data Analyst?

For creating queries to extract required data 

For acquiring data from multiple sources

For identifying patterns and correlations in data 

For creating project documentation 

2. Which of these is one of the soft skills required to be a successful Data Analyst?

Integrate data coming from multiple sources 

Prepare reports and dashboards

Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams 

Filter, clean, and standardize data 

3. Which of the data analyst functional skills helps research and interpret data, theorize, and make forecasts?

Proficiency in Statistics

Analytical skills 

Problem-solving skills 

Probing skills 

4. In “A day in the life of a Data Analyst”, what according to Sivaram Jaladi forms a large part of a Data Analyst’s job?

Interacting with stakeholders 

Creating a report

Cleaning and preparing data 

Generating hypotheses

5. In “A day in the life of a Data Analyst”, what are some of the data points that were useful in analyzing the use case. (Select all that apply)

Average billing amount of complainants

Serial number of the meters

Age and education details of complainants

Employment history of the complainants

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[…] Introduction to Data Analytics | Week 1 […]

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