Introduction To Internet Of Things | Week 11

Introduction To Internet Of Things Week 11

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Q1. Which of the following is not done in traditional electrical grids?
a. Manual energy monitoring
b. Unidirectional energy distribution
c. Unidirectional communication
d. Distributed power plants

Q2. Smart Grid is also named as _____
a. Electronet
b. Energy service
c. Grid with a brain
d. Smart internet

Q3. Which of the following is not a property of smart grids?
a. Bidirectional flow of energy
b. Two-way communication
c. Unreliable and insecure electricity
d. Control Capabilities

Q4. Which of the following is the benefit of using Smart Grids for stakeholders?
a. Reduces inefficiencies in energy delivery
b. Different pricing options
c. Lower Energy bills
d. All of these

Q5. Fill in the blank.
_________ samples voltage and current with a fixed sample rate at the installed location.

a. PEVs
b. DAUs
c. PMUs
d. None of these

Q6. Which of the following is a cloud application of smart grid?
a. Information management
b. Energy management
c. Security
d. All of these

Q7. Which of the following statements are true about MDMSs?
Statement I: Decide the price per unit energy to be paid by the customers
Statement II: Handled by the energy service providers
Statement III: Aggregate the energy consumption or energy request of certain geographical area

a. Statements I and II
b. Statements I and III
c. Statements II and III
d. Statements I, II and III

Q8. Which of the following are included in the Smart Grid security issues of integrity?
Statement I: System Damage
Statement II: Data injection attacks
Statement III: Time synchronization attacks

a. Statement I and II
b. Statement II and III
c. Statement I and III
d. Statement I, II and III

Q9. Fill in the blank.
__________ is a primary challenge in IloT.

a. Worker health and safety
b. Optimized operations
c. Regulatory compliance
d. Integrating existing infrastructure into new IIoT infrastructure

Q10. Fill in the blank. Rt Tech particularizes in software which ________.
a. Improves industrial facilities’ efficiency
b. Improves productivity
c. Automates managing of energy consumption
d. All of these

Q11. Lack of vision and leadership is not a hindrance in the path of success of IloT.
a. True
b. False

Q12. Which of the following is not a vulnerability of Smart Grid?
a. Integrity
b. Physical threats
c. Dynamic system attacks
d. None of these

Q13. Which of the following is a characteristic of Big Data?
a. Veracity
b. Variability
c. Velocity
d. All of these

Q14. Variety refers to the category to which the data belongs.
a. True
b. False

Q15. What is the Flow of data?
a. Acquisition>Generation>Storage>Analysis
b. Generation>Storage>Analysis>Acquisition
c. Generation>Acquisition>Storage>Analysis
d. None of these

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