Introduction To Internet Of Things | Week 8

Introduction To Internet Of Things Week 8

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Q1. Which among the following are core challenges of traditional mobile networks?
a. Scalability
b. Flexibility
c. Manageability
d. All of the given

Q2. Network virtualization enables _______ of physical resources.
a. Movement
b. Abstraction
c. Removal
d. Creation

Q3. In comparison to Software-Defined Networks, traditional networks are cost expensive with respect to which of the following?
a. Both capex and opex
b. Capex but not opex
c. Opex but not capex
d. Neither capex nor opex

Q4. General OpenFlow supports both wireless and wired connections.
a. True
b. False

Q5. With respect to Software Defined Data Centre Networking (SD-DCN), _____ can use wild cards and ______ uses exact match rules.
a. Mice flows, Elephant flows
b. Elephant flows, Mice flows
c. Mice flows, traditional flows
d. Traditional flows, Elephant flows

Q6. In cloud computing model, which among the following are characteristics of computing resources?
a. On-demand
b. Shared
c. Configurable
d. All of these

Q7. Iaas, PaaS and SaaS are examples of what type of cloud models?
a. Cloud deployment model
b. Cloud service model
c. Cloud access model
d. Cloud virtualization model

Q8. An organization A wants to deploy a cloud infrastructure, whereby it wants to push majority of the data to a cloud whose servers can be situated anywhere within the globe, but it wants certain private data to be pushed only to cloud servers that are present on-premise and are accessible by only authenticated members of the organization. In this context which among the following deployment model should be used?
a. Private Cloud
b. Public Cloud
c. Hybrid Cloud
d. Any of these

Q9. Which of the following type of client requires constant communication/connection with the cloud server?
a. Thin client
b. Thick client
c. Both thin and thick clients
d. None of these

Q10. Fill in the blank: Typically, cloud computing have _______ components?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

Q11. What does ‘CIA’ in cloud data security stand for?
a. Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
b. Confidentiality, Inheritance, Automation
c. Congestion, Integrity, Authentication
d. Criticality, Integrity, Accountability

Q12. In SaaS model of cloud computing, which of the following acts as the thin-client?
a. Cloud gateway
b. Web monitor
c. Web browser
d. Local firewall

Q13. Data in ______ and Data at _______ are two important aspects of data security
a. past, present
b. time, place
c. transit, rest
d. None of these

Q14. Which among the following is a metric for Service Level Agreement (SLA) in Cloud Computing?
a. Availability
b. Portability
c. Response Time
d. All of these

Q15. Which of the following cloud computing models does AWS EC2 belong to?
a. IaaS
b. PaaS
c. SaaS
d. None of these

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