Introduction To Internet Of Things | Week 1

Introduction To Internet Of Things Week 1

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Q1) Which of the following is/are the characteristics of IoT?
a. Efficient, scalable and associated architecture.
b. Unambiguous naming and addressing.
c. Abundance of sleeping nodes, mobile and non-IP device.
d. All of the these

Q2) A ______ allows us to use our smartphones to lock and unlock our door remotely at our homes or our businesses.
a. Smart Meter
b. ATM
c. Digital Lock
d. Web

Q3) The function/functions of an IoT Gateway is/are to?
a. Forward packets between LAN and WAN and on the IP layer
b. Connect IoT LAN to a WAN
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these

Q4) Multi-homing is the concept where a node can be connected to multiple networks for _____.
a. Reduced Reliability
b. Improved Reliability
c. None of these
d. Both (a) and (b)

Q5) A Passive Infrared Ray (PIR) sensor is used for ________ ?
a. Humidity Detection
b. Tilt Detection
c. Obstacle Detection
d. Smoke Detection

Q6) For which of the following, Vector Sensors are required to measure or sense them?
a. Color, Pressure, Temperature
b. Orientation, Image
c. None of these
d. Both (a) and (b)

Q7) The sensitivity of a sensor under real conditions may differ from the value specified. This is called _______ ?
a. Maximal Error
b. Minimal Error
c. Median Error
d. Sensitivity Error

Q8) A random deviation of the signal that varies in time is called ________.
a. Noise
b. Sound
c. Bias
d. None of these

Q9) A Relay Switch is an example of _______.
a. A Sensor
b. An Actuator
c. A Transducer
d. None of these

Q10) What is a Pneumatic Actuator?
a. It is a type of actuator driven by compressed air or vacuum
b. It is a type of actuator driven by fluid
c. It is a type of actuator driven by solid
d. None of these

Q11) Which type of actuators tend to be compact, lightweight, economical, and with high power density?
a. Thermal or Magnetic Actuators
b. Hydraulic Actuators
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these

Q12) Polymer based actuators designed to handle fragile objects like fruit harvesting in agriculture or manipulating internal organs in biomedicine are called?
a. Pneumatic Actuators
b. Soft Actuators
c. Software Actuators
d. Hardware Actuators

Q13) Full form of SMP is ________?
a. Soft Memory Polymer
b. Shape Memory Polymer
c. Software Memory Polymer
d. None of these

Q14) Duty Cycling of the sensors is managed by which component of IoT?
a. Application
b. Real-Time Kernel
c. Radios
d. Power Management Unit

Q15) Which of the following are challenges of IoT?
a. Security
b. Complexity Management
c. Modeling and Analysis
d. All of these

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