Learning with Emotional Intelligence

Course link: Interpersonal Skills with Cultural Knowledge & Intrapersonal Awareness (linkedin.com)

Final Exam

1. Inspirational leaders should have passion and _____.

the resources to get things done
high self esteem
a clear vision
lots of charisma

2. What’s a sign that you have been triggered?

all of these answers
You’re being self critical.
Your emotions are bigger than the situation warrants.
You feel righteous or judgemental.

3. According to Dr. Amy Edmondson, what is psychological safety?

agreeing with the opinions of managers or leaders.
a shared belief that the team is safe for risk-taking
being universally liked by others
being shielded from things that are uncomfortable

4.  _____ are often at the heart of conflicts.

Transparency and clarity

5. Meditating _____ changes the brain in a measurable way.

one time
three times
ninety times
twenty-five times

6. What is the best description of the “amygdala hijack?”

when synovial brainwave swamps the sensory centers
when the reptilian brain shuts down the higher level functions of the brain
when blood moving to the brain shunts away from amygdala
when you become overly fixated on a source of happiness or love

7. “Do to others as they would want to have done to them” is the _____.

Silver Tsunami
spiritual basis for EQ
Golden Rule
Platinum Rule

8. Which levels of developmental responsibility does a leader have?

all of these answers

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