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Mst 1 | Aptitude

Passage Type Questions

1. Mr. Bhargav has 3 sons A, B and C. He distributed his money which is 225000 among 3 of them in ratio 4 : 5 : 6. They invested the money in three different schemes. Scheme 1 offers 8% simple interest and the minimum period of investment in this scheme is 2 years. Scheme 2 offers 10% simple interest but the minimum period of investment is 4 years. Scheme 3 offers 7% simple interest with no minimum period of investment. A invested 50% of his money in scheme 2 while B and C invested 30% and 40% of their money respectively in scheme 1.

a. B invest his remaining money in scheme 2 for 4 years and then invest the total money in scheme 3 for next 1 year. What is the total amount he has at the end of 5 years?

a) Rs. 110424

b) Rs. 103200

c) Rs. 108450

d) Rs. 105245

e) Rs. 102936

b. If A invest half of the remaining money he has in scheme 1 and remaining half in scheme 3 for 4 years, what is the total interest he earns at the end of 4 years?

a) Rs. 30000

b) Rs. 21000

c) Rs. 25000

d) Rs. 28000

e) Rs. 24000

c. What is the total amount of money with C after 4 years if he invests remaining money in scheme 3?

a) Rs. 116140

b) Rs. 111640

c) Rs. 116640

d) Rs. 116440

e) Rs. 113285

d. What can be the maximum interest A can earn at the end of 7 years? (A is allowed to shuffle the amount in different schemes).

a) Rs. 24000

b) Rs. 37440

c) Rs. 44260.8

d) Rs. 37800

e) None of these

e. What is the average amount with B and C at the end of 2 years if they invest their whole amount in scheme 1?

a) Rs. 101400

b) Rs. 104400

c) Rs. 87000

d) Rs. 95700

e) Rs. 82935

2. The line graph below shows the principal amount of loan taken by five persons from a bank. The Bar graph shows the interest rate and the number of years for which the loan is taken by these five persons. Study the data carefully and answer the questions.

a. Find the difference of interests paid by R and T if R took the loan at simple interest and T took the loan at compound interest.

a) Rs. 2000

b) Rs. 2100

c) Rs. 1750

d) Rs. 1800

e) Rs. 2500

b. P paid Rs. 17500, Rs. 16250 and Rs. 15000 at the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year. Find the amount of money that P needs to pay at the end of 4th year to clear his due. (Simple interest rate is applied on the sum.)

a) Rs. 32500

b) Rs. 30000

c) Rs. 33750

d) Rs. 33000

e) Rs. 31250

c. Q paid the borrowed amount in 3 equal instalments (interest is compounded annually). Find the value of each instalment.

a) Rs. 20504

b) Rs. 20106

c) Rs. 21406

d) Rs. 19850

e) Rs. 21208

d. Find the difference of compound interest and simple interest on the sum borrowed by S.

a) Rs. 12000

b) Rs. 11200

c) Rs. 13200

d) Rs. 12800

e) Rs. 12500

e. If the interest charged from everyone is at simple rate then who will pay the equal amount of interest on the sum borrowed?

a) P & S

b) Q & R

c) R & T

d) S & P

e) T & Q

3. The pie chart given below shows the percentage distribution of the cost price of six different items as total cost price of all the six articles together sold by a shopkeeper.

a. If the ratio of the selling price of item B to item F is 3:4, and item B is sold at 35% profit, then find the profit percentage earned by the shopkeeper on item F.

a) 25%

b) 20%

c) 18%

d) 30%

e) 12%

b. If the marked price of item B is Rs. 4140 and it is sold at 15% profit, then find the cost price of item A provided the discount given on item B is 20%.

a) Rs. 2450

b) Rs. 2880

c) Rs. 3600

d) Rs. 3240

e) None of these

c. If the difference between the cost price of item C and E is Rs. 540 and profit earned on item C and E is 20% and 10% respectively, find the difference between the marked price of both items, if the discount given on both items is 20% each.

a) Rs. 675

b) Rs. 525

c) Rs. 450

d) Rs. 725

e) None of these

d. If the item is sold as Rs 690 after earning a profit of 15% then find the average price of all the item together?

a) Rs 400

b) Rs 600

c) Rs 500

d) Rs 550

e. If the CP of item D is 1400 then what will be the MRP of the item C which is sold at 20% profit after getting a discount of 10%?

a) Rs 846

b) Rs 746

c) Rs 946

d) Rs 1046

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