Social Selling: Reaching Prospects


  1. What is the difference between Important tasks and Urgent tasks?
    1. Important tasks are optional; Urgent tasks are essential.
    2. Urgent tasks affect your world; Important tasks have a deadline.
    3. Urgent tasks have a deadline; Important tasks affect your world.
    4. Urgent tasks are optional; Important tasks are essential.
  2. When would a prospect leave your Top 20 or Golden 5?
    1. when you either qualify them out or successfully sell to them
    2. if you’re unable to reach the Decision Maker for more than a month
    3. after you successfully reach the Decision Maker
    4. if you’re unable to reach the Decision Maker for more than a week
  3. When Social Selling, why might it be more beneficial to search through a company’s LinkedIn page rather than search for a contact directly in the LinkedIn Search Bar?
    1. Searching the page helps gives you direct access to their logo.
    2. Searching the page helps you find the age of the CEO and other key executives.
    3. Searching the page helps you get a better feel for the business.
    4. Searching the page helps you find a direct link to their website.
  4. When purchasing data from a 3rd Party, what should you be cautious of?
    1. where the data has been sourced and whether it breaks any data protection laws
    2. which font the information will be displayed in
    3. where the 3rd party data provider’s office is located
    4. the accuracy of the data, such as employee titles and business turnover
  5. If you have the email address of David Jackson at Acme Ltd ( and you wanted to email Joanna Burgess, what is her email likely to be?
  6. Calling a prospect’s mobile phone is more impactful when introducing yourself than calling their desk or office phone. Why?
    1. The prospect might have a brand new smartphone and will want to use it instead of their boring desk phone.
    2. Calling someone on their mobile is more personal and catches their attention, as it’s a channel other salespeople don’t often use.
    3. If the prospect is talking on their mobile phone, they can walk around their office while talking to you.
    4. Sound quality is far better on a mobile phone than on a standard desk phone.

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