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Software Testing | Week 1


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1. Choose the right option to fill in the blank: Suppose a method M1 calls a method M2, which in turn, calls another method M3. The level of testing that tests for the interface of calls from M1 to M2 and then to M3 is called as . . . . . . . . . . . ..

 c. Integration testing


2. State true of false: A coverage criterion C1 said to subsume another coverage criterion C2 if there is at least one test case that satisfies C1 which also satisfies C2.

b. False


3. State true or false: Testing can be used to find all the errors in code.

b. False


4. Which of the following are practised in level 3 thinking during testing?

c. Testing is done to identify failures and reduce risks


5. Which of the following best defines usability testing?

d. Testing done to ensure that the user interface of the software is as specified in the requirements


6. Which of the following is a list of white-box testing techniques?

c. Unit testing, integration testing


7. As per the lectures, which of the following sentences best defines a test case?

b. A test case contains inputs to the software artifact along with the expected outputs


8. When do we say that a set of test cases T satisfies the test requirements TR for a coverage criterion C?

d. For every test requirement  tr ∈ TR, there is at least one test case t ∈ T such that t satisfies tr


9. When do we say that a coverage criterion C1 subsumes a coverage criterion C2?

b. C1 subsumes C2 iff every test case that satisfies C1 also satisfies C2


10. What does the JUnit assertion assert False(val1 > val2) return when val1 is less than val2?

a.  True


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