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1. Which of the following features of static websites are tested using graphs?

a. We check if all the connections are valid and if there are any dead links.

2. While testing web applications, which of the following is true regarding client-side vs. server-side testing?

a. Client and server are separated and testers typically don’t have access to the server code.

3. State yes or no: It is possible to generate all the input screens that are passed to a web application.

b. No

4. Which of the following is a list of techniques that can be used to provide test values to a web application?

c. Random choice, user session data, construct based on the domain of application

5. Which of the following features can be checked using HTML without the need to write extra scripting constraints?

a. Change of transfer mode, checking for length of input and checking against a list of pre-defined values

6. Is a control graph model useful for testing system level properties of web applications?

b. No

7. Which of the following is a complete list of operators that are used in component expressions?

d. Sequencing, iteration, selection and aggregation

8. Which of the following defines the nodes of a yo-yo graph?

b. Nodes of a yo-yo graph are the methods of different classes, one node for each of the new, inherited and overridden methods

9. Which of the following best defines the edges of a yo-yo graph?

d. Edges of a yo-yo graph are either the actual method calls or the calls that cannot be made due to overriding.

10. State true or false: All the faults in object-oriented programs can be determined statically.

b. False

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