Software Testing | Week 11


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1. State yes or no: Is concolic testing a white-box testing technique?

a. Yes


2. Which of the following is true about concolic testing?

b. Concolic testing keeps concrete state and symbolic state


3. What is the use of a SAT/SMT solver in symbolic testing?

b. SAT/SMT solvers are used to solve path constraints and get values that can be used as test inputs.


4. State true or false: Symbolic execution can be used to detect non-termination in programs.

b. False


5. Which of the following is a list of techniques used in the algorithm deployed by DART?

c. Directed search, random testing and constraint solvers


6. Which of the following strategy is used for input search in concolic testing?

b. Systematic, random search interleaved with path-sensitive search


Common data for Q7-Q10:

Consider the code fragment given below. Answer the following questions related to symbolic execution of the given code fragment.

0: int x, y;
1: if (x > y) {
2:    x = x + y;
3:    y = x – y;
4:    x = x – y;
5:    if (x – y > 0)
6:      — error —;

7. What does the code fragment do?

c. It swaps the values of x and y


8. How many decision points and execution paths are there in the code fragment?

a. Two decision points and three execution paths


9. What will be the path constraint at line 1 of the code fragment such that program exits without further execution?

b. x <= y


10. State yes or no: Is the error statement reachable in the given program fragment?

b. No


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