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Software Testing | Week 12


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1. State true or false: Regression testing is a white-box testing technique as it tests for the changes done to the code.

b. False


2. Let P be a program and let P′ be a modified version of P. When do we say that a particular test case t is obsolete for P′?

a. Test case t is obsolete for P′ if it has an input that is not valid for P′


3. State true or false: Testing for non-functional or quality requirements can be done at all the phases of software development.

b. False


4. If a software application version X released in the year 2007 can be used on version Y of the same application released in the year 2010, what does it indicate regarding its compatibility?

a. The application X is forward compatible


5. If a particular file available in a particular web link is set to have “Readonly” access to all the users, then, it is an example of which kind of quality requirement?

c. It is an example of a security authorization requirement


6. Installation instructions are made available as a part of the software package. What are these instructions a part of?

a. They are a part of the software documentation


7. Which of the following terms represents the testing that is done to find the upper limit capacity of the inputs that a particular system can handle?

d. Stress testing


8. Which of the following is a list of key challenges in testing of mobile applications?

a. Device fragmentation, different mobile networks, compatibility across platforms


9. When performance testing is considered for mobile applications, which of the following aspects are tested for?

b. Network coverage, memory and battery


10. Which of the following is a list of interrupts that mobile applications are tested for?

b. Network outage, incoming/outgoing calls and messages


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