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1. Which of the following represents a basic block in a control flow graph?

b. A basic block of statements is a sequence of statements such that if the first statement the sequence is executed then all the statements in the sequence will also be executed

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2. Consider a variable count of type int. Suppose there is a method that has a statement of the type count++;. Which of the following statements are correct regarding the data flow definition of count?

c. The statement is both a definition and use of count

3. Consider a variable x of type double and suppose a particular method in Java has a statement if(Math.log(x)) >= 4.2, will it be considered a definition of x or a use of x?

b. The statement is a use of x

4. State true or false:

Consider a variable x in a program. Not every definition of x will always reach a use.

a. True

5. Which of the following best defines a du-path for a variable x?

a. A du-path is a simple path from a definition of x to a use of x without any further definitions of x in-between

6. State yes or no: We group du-paths with respect to a variable by their definitions

a. True

7. Is it true that the all-du-paths data flow coverage criterion subsumes prime path coverage?

b. No

8. Which of the following statements are true when it comes to comparing traditional source code coverage criteria with graph based coverage criteria?

a. Node and statement coverage are the same, edge and branch coverage are the same

9. Which of the following defines a linearly independent path of execution in a control flow graph?

b. A path which does not contain other paths within it.

10. State true or false: Node and edge coverage, as test requirements for structural coverage over graphs, are given with the input graph itself.

a. True

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