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1. State true or false: GACC subsumes predicate coverage

b. False

2. When we test to check if a particular clause does not determine a predicate, which kind of coverage criteria are we considering?

b. Inactive coverage criteria

3. Which of the following represents a correct order of subsumption amongst logic coverage criteria? In the options below, read → as ‘subsumes’.

c. Combinatorial coverage → Correlated active clause coverage → Predicate coverage

Consider the logical predicate p=a ∨ (b ∧ c). Truth table for the predicate is given below with rows numbered from 1 to 8. T represents the Boolean value true and F represents the Boolean value false.

Answer the following questions with reference to logical coverage criteria for this predicate and the given truth table.

4. Which of the following represents pa, the conditions under which clause ‘a’ determines ‘p’ ?

c. ¬b ∨ ¬c.

5. Which of the following represents pb, the conditions under which clause ‘b’ determines ‘p’?

c. ¬a ∧ c

6. Which of the following represents pc, the conditions under which clause ‘c’ determines ‘p’?

 a. ¬a ∧ b

7. Which of the following represents GACC pairs for clause ‘a’ ? Note: Numbers below represent row numbers from the truth table

a. {2,3,4}×{6,7,8}

8. State true or false: GACC pairs for clauses b and c are the same.

b. False

9. The set {(2,6),(3,7),(4,8)} is the set of RACC pairs for which clause?

a.  Clause a

10. State true or false: CACC pairs for clauses a, b and c are different from GACC pairs for these clauses.

b. False

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