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1. How many partitions will be there for the input CGPA if we consider only valid inputs?

a. Three partitions.

2. Do the test inputs {CGPA = 8, CGPA = 9, CGPA = 9.5} belong to the same partition?

a. Yes, they belong to the same partition

3. What is the expected output for the test case containing CGPA = 8 as input?

a. Eligibility for offers above INR 20,00,000/= per annum and if no such offers exist, eligible for all offers

4. State true or false: The internal variable z in the second predicate needs to be re-written in terms of the input parameters x and y.

b. False

5. Which of the following is a correct partitioning of inputs?

c. Both the options above can be valid partitions

6. Amongst the various coverage criteria for input space partitioning, which is the most expressive and which is the least expressive?

d. Each choice coverage is the least expressive and all combinations coverage is the most expressive.

7. State true or false: Multiple base choice coverage subsumes pair-wise coverage.

b. False

8. Which criterion below will have a maximum number of test cases?

b. All combinations criterion

9. When does T-wise coverage criterion become the same as all combination’s coverage criterion?

b. When the value for T is equal to the number of partitions

10. State yes or no: While partitioning the inputs using equivalence partitioning, both valid and invalid inputs need to be considered.

a. Yes

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