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1. Consider the regular expression (a+b)⋅(a+b)∗ over the alphabet Σ={a,b}. Which of the following options represents a list of words generated by this regular expression?

d.  All of the above

2. For the same regular expression (a+b)⋅(a+b)∗, which of the following options represents the language corresponding to the regular expression?

b. The language is the set of all words over a and b that have at least one a or at least one b in them

3 While parsing a program to extract syntactic information, which of the following defines how characters form tokens?

a. Regular expressions

4. Consider the context-free grammar given by G=(N,T,P,S) where N={S,X},T={a,b},P={S→aXb,X→ab}N={S,X},T={a,b},P={S→aXb,X→ab}. Which of the following is the language generated by this grammar?

a. The language generated by G is {w|w=aabb}

5. State yes or no: Is the ground string in mutation testing the same as the program under test?

a. Yes

6. Which of the following is a mutant that can be killed by any test case?

c. Trivial mutant

7. Suppose a decision statement like if (x < 0 && z == 5) is mutated to get if (x > 0 && z == 5) then it is an example of which kind of mutation operator?

b. Replacing a relational operator.

8. As per the lectures, replacing a particular assignment statement with a statement like failOnZero() is an example of a mutation operator applied at which of the levels in testing?

a. Program level

9. A programmer decides to save time and apply two or three mutation operators together to increase the chances of finding many errors together. Is this considered to be a useful strategy in mutation testing?

b. No, mutation operators work best when applied one at a time.

10. State true or false: Mutation testing can be used to show that a program behaves identically when a particular operation is replaced or removed.

a. True

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