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Software Testing | Week 9


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1. How is overloading different from overriding in object-oriented programming?

a. Overloading occurs between two methods in the same class and overriding occurs between methods in a class and one of its descendants.

-Answer given by 20BCS7024

2.Which of the following represents use of super () keyword?

a. Sub-classes can explicitly use their parents’ variables and methods using the keyword super ()

-Answer given by Sarah

3. While applying the mutation operator that deletes a method call, how is the value to be returned by the deleted method passed back to the caller method?

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4. When mutation testing is applied as a black box testing technique to mutate the inputs, which of the following statements hold true?

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5. When we change a method call is-divisible(a,b) to is-divisible(b,a) is an example of which of the mutation operators listed below?

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6. State yes or no: The programming language Java does not support multiple class inheritance and hence each class only has a single parent

a. Yes

-Answer given by Shorya

7. Which of the following integration mutation operator represents changing the order of arguments in method invocations to be the same as that of another overloading method, if one exists?

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8. State true or false: While testing inputs using mutation testing, the inputs always have to adhere to their underlying syntax.

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9. Towards ensuring that mutation testing subsumes edge coverage, which of the following mutation operators are used?

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10. Which of the statements below are true with reference to mutation testing subsuming all-defs coverage?

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