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1. What is an advantage to learning to be creative?
increased self-confidence
improved quality of health and life
all of these answers
improved problem-solving skills

2. Fixedness is a cognitive bias that _.
limits your ability to see the world around you differently than you’re used to
really doesn’t impact your creative abilities over time
helps you work better with those who see the world like you
enhances your creative abilities by limiting your mental processes

3. What is not a criteria for classifying a thought as creative?
It’s popular.
It’s useful.
It’s new.
It’s surprising.

4. Task unification is defined as _.
the assignment of additional tasks to an existing resource
bringing two product attributes into harmony with each other
assigning only one function to a product
bringing simplicity to the world of innovation

5. When applying the multiplication technique, which product attribute should you consider when creating a table?
all of these answers

6. When applying the division technique, after dividing a product or its components, what should you do?
Seek consultation from an R&D specialist.
Rearrange them back into the product.
Apply a second technique to the product.
Get a pricing quote from a potential manufacturer.

7. The subtraction technique is defined as the removal of an essential component from a product.

8. After virtually applying one of the SIT methods to a product, what is a good question to ask?
Does the concept help people in any way?
Can this product bring in enough profit within the current fiscal year?
Would I buy this product?
Will this product be popular enough with consumers?

9. What is a Systematic Inventive Thinking pattern?
all of these answers
task unification

10. The hallmark of the attribute dependency technique is the unrelated nature of a product’s parts.

11. A key to selecting the best ideas is identifying the most important _ for your ideas in advance.
cost analysis

12. The best creativity workshops are held in rooms with specialized accessories to boost innovative ideas.

13. Functional diversity means that _.
team members have different technological skill sets
team members can interchange their team role when asked
team members come from different parts of the company
team members should be okay working various times of the day

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