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Chapter Quiz

Chapter Quiz: Time Management Tips (linkedin.com)

1. Time Management Tips

1. Despite your best efforts, your time management is getting off track. How can you get back on track?

Block out an hour each day to catch up on tasks.

Skip tasks that do not require your immediate attention

Block out a convenient day in your calendar to catch up on tasks

2. What is the purpose of creating a long-term home?

as a place to store things from your gathering place that you completed

as a place to store things you will never use

as a place to store things you may need in the future but do not need right now

3. You decide to clean your desk, so you take the paper reports from your sales managers and run them through a scanner. If you do this, which mistake are you making?

You will create another gathering place

You will overrate the importance of the reports.

You will have the same number of reports but in a different format.

4. Why is it important to send a reminder for every appointment you schedule with your team members?

so the team members put the appointments on their calendars

so no team member thinks you are singling them out

so you can stress the importance of the appointment

5. What is likely to happen if you pack your daily calendar without any space between tasks?

You will be busy all day doing the most amount of work possible

You will switch from task to task, which ultimately wastes time.

You won’t waste any time

6. What’s the typical reason behind negative procrastination?

your sense of urgency

your time

your emotions

7. You are a new supervisor in the accounting department and feel overwhelmed with the demands on your time. What is the first thing you should do?

Schedule some tasks for a future date.

Determine which tasks can be delegated

Stop for a moment to process, and then change your expectations of yourself.

8. How can time management at home be more difficult than time management at work?

There are more gathering places in your home

You cannot use electronic devices when you are at home.

Your time at home is more valuable than your time at work

9. What is the first action you should take if you want to develop more patience?

Set reasonable expectations

Think about your personal goals.

Understand that change takes time.

10. What does it mean to ignore incidents, as it pertains to time management?

If you do not deal with incidents immediately, they will become larger and take more of your time.

If a situation is one-time and not serious, you do not need to deal with it

If you are faced with an incident, you should delegate the work involved to someone else.

11. When you are taking notes during a training session, what should you focus on?

items highlighted by the presenter

items you can take action on

items that relate directly to your job

12. How does only taking scheduled phone calls show your respect for the callers?

It tells them that they are dealing with a professional.

It prevents you from interrupting them when they are busy.

They know that you will give them your complete attention

13. You have a family emergency that will take a few weeks to resolve. How does providing more buffer space in your calendar help you emotionally?

You can use the time to catch up on work and take your mind off the emergency.

You are giving yourself permission to slow down your work

You can use the extra time to visit your family member.

14. How can you use time to actually gain more time?

Time you expend now will pay off in having more time later.

Time-wasting that you avoid now will give you more time in the future.

Investing time into learning and applying time-saving strategies now will give you more time in the future

15. After watching this course, you understand that having emails marked as read actually costs you time. What should you do instead?

Send your emails to your archive folder as soon as you receive them.

Do not click on an email until you are ready to fully read it and also act on it

Set a goal of having zero emails in your inbox at least once per week

16. How does your sense of sight relate to effective time management when it comes to your workspace?

The amount and type of light in your office can distract your concentration.

Your office décor can relax you, which helps you focus on your work.

What you see around you can either enhance or distract you from your work

17. What does it mean to “curate carefully” when you are visiting your social media sites?

Curating is when you understand why you are visiting the sites.

Curating is when you determine what to post on the sites

Curating means you choose the information you want to see on sites.

18. How can you most efficiently replace to-do lists with a schedule?

Replace your to-do list with a to-don’t list based on tasks that have wasted time in the past

Have a calendar for your to-do list separate from your daily calendar

Have a single calendar for everything you do.

19. Which is an effective strategy for reductive text message interruptions?

Forward all text messages to email.

Decide with team members about when and how to use text messages for emergencies

Stop texting completely. You’ll be more focused

20. How can moving from an open-door policy to a closed-door policy be an effective time-management strategy?

Done properly, you can move from having in-person meetings to using email to communicate with team members

Done properly, you can free up your day without having to deal with problems or questions from team members

Done properly, you can limit the interruptions of having an open door by letting team members schedule meetings.

21. You started using a calendar to follow up with team members who have assignments due. When should you schedule the follow-up?

The day after the assignment is due.

The day before the assignment is due

The day that the assignment is due

22. You enjoy taking on large opportunities, but you are becoming overwhelmed. How can you get back in control of your time?

Limit yourself to only the opportunities you are best at.

Limit yourself to choosing only one big opportunity annually.

Limit yourself to only the top six opportunities presented.

23. What is a good use of an outbox?

as a place where you temporarily store things that belong to someone else

as a tool that shows you which emails you have completed processing

as a holder for things, you need to take care of

24. Why is ignoring recurring reminders not suggested to better manage your time?

You do not save a significant amount of time by ignoring them

You set the reminders for a reason

You can miss an important appointment.

25. Two team members want to meet with you at 10 AM on different issues. Should you double-schedule the appointments?

Yes, they are both members of the same team.

No, unless one of the team members set a tentative appointment

No, you want to make a commitment to one appointment at a time

26. When you are prioritizing your work, which tasks should you delegate?

tasks that you perform repetitively

tasks where you are the bottleneck

tasks that can be performed in the background

27. Which rule of thumb should you follow when using a digital note-taking app?

Follow the same review schedule you follow for emails

Enter your paper notes into the device at the end of each day.

Separate your notes into categorized folders.

28. For optimal productivity, what’s the first step in protecting your processing time?

Schedule you’re processing for the same time every day

Schedule your processing for a time of day when you are least interrupted

Schedule your processing evenly across an entire week

29. Carl is looking at his email during a meeting with you. What simple thing can you do to make it clear to Carl that he needs to pay attention?

Stop talking.

Chide him

End the meeting

30. How can you save the most minutes each day, which can add up to hours per year, when it comes to browsing websites?

Save popular website addresses to a digital notebook

Schedule your web browsing time

Bookmark websites you visit regularly.

31. How can one-on-one meetings with team members save time in your workday?

They allow you to tell other people what to do.

They reduce interruptions during the workday

They set your schedule for the rest of the day.

32. You promoted Ian because he said you could count on him to keep commitments. Yet recently, he has been late on every assignment you’ve given him. What must you avoid above everything else?

interpreting Ian’s performance as a lack of caring

perceiving Ian’s failure to keep commitments as a personal insult

taking a step back to reconsider Ian’s promotion

33. How does using your calendar relate to positive procrastination?

You can use your calendar to schedule urgent tasks in the short-term and less important tasks in the long-term

You can use your calendar as a to-do list to ensure you do not delay tasks for too long.

You can think long-term when using your calendar to schedule tasks you know you cannot complete in the short-term

34. Why should you avoid using ASAP in an email?

It demeans team members who are already doing the best they can.

It suggests that you are behind on your own work

It does not convey when you need something done

35. Calendars are important for scheduling time with others and yourself. For a calendar to work, what must you do?

Include all tasks, even if you are not fully committed yet

Commit to completing the task you scheduled.

Schedule tasks further into the future

36. You often must reply to emails that have multiple recipients. When is it appropriate to cc or bcc in such emails?

only when the email is a one-on-one message directed to you

anytime you receive an email with multiple recipients

when you want the recipient(s) to take some kind of action

37. When you procrastinate in getting a task done, what should you think about to complete the task?

why you do not want to complete the task

how you will feel when the task is complete

when you can find time available to complete the task

38. You became extremely upset at your annual supervisor review. Which strategy should you use to shake off your negative feelings?

Focus on the mistakes your supervisor pointed out.

Focus on things that you can control

Focus on changing your supervisor’s mind.

39. Where do most office computer technology problems occur?

with the user

with poor backups

with the programs

40. After you read an email and respond or take action, what should you do to save yourself time?

Send the email to your archive folder

Have folders for different topics and send the email there.

Delete the email after you act on it

41. You are taking an eight-hour flight from London to New York City for a sales call, and you want to complete some work during that time. How should you plan your productivity for the flight?

Discipline yourself so you are productive on the flight.

Underestimate the time you will have to spend productively

Add one hour to your productivity estimate for the time change.

42. Jana needs an hour of your time to go over a presentation, while Giorgio needs an hour to get an approval to start a project step. You only have one hour available. What should you do?

Combine their requests into a single one-hour meeting.

Negotiate the deadlines with both of them

Put off one of the requests until its deadline date.

43. Why is it important to create a buffer space at the end of your workday?

It lets you ponder what happened in meetings.

It designates your last hour of work for starting on personal tasks.

It gives you room to make the transition from work to home

44. You want to hire a virtual assistant to perform a few hours of simple administrative work every few weeks. Which type of virtual assistant would you hire?

a traditional, shared virtual assistant

a full-time virtual assistant

a one-off virtual assistant

45. You attended a five-day conference filled with information. If you use the technique of processing, what are you doing?

setting a time on your calendar to think about what you learned

setting a time on your calendar to compile your notes on what you learned

setting a time on your calendar to act on what you learned

46. A vendor you met at a trade show handed you a business card after your conversation. What is the first step you should take with this card?

Put it in an approved gathering point

Send then a thank you note.

Recycle it. Business cards waste paper

47. How is repetition related to conditioning?

People are conditioned to tune out when things are being repeated.

A new pattern of behavior can only be achieved through repetition

Repetition creates discipline, which is stronger than conditioning.

48. Your sales management software program is frozen. What is the first step you should take?

Try to find the solution by yourself.

Immediately contact your IT department.

Ask a coworker to help you troubleshoot.

49. You move to your new team as the manager and realize that many team members have difficulty managing their time. How can you best help them understand the importance of time and time management?

by setting a good example with your own time management processes

by establishing a no-interruption policy, so team members are not taking up your time

by establishing deadlines for tasks and holding team members accountable if they do not meet the deadlines

50. Your flight arrived an hour early, at 9:00 AM, and your ride to the Seattle office is not coming until 9:15 AM. What is the most valuable things you could do with the extra time?

Brainstorm new ideas

Process your email.

Do nothing

51. You are finding that your quest to be perfect is creating stress and slowing your work. How can you continue striving for perfection without hurting your productivity?

Focus on following a process perfectly.

Focus getting results while you make progress

Focus on how you feel while you’re working.

52. If you choose to provide video training rather than hold a meeting, what must you ensure the training contains?

an agenda

a deliverable


53. What does it mean to make peace with the truth of time?

Accept that there is a limit to the number of hours in a day.

Accept that there are tasks you must delay until another time

Accept that you will waste some time

54. How can you save time by avoiding the crowd mindset?

by doing things at a time when most people are not doing them

by scheduling meetings for individuals and not groupsIncorrectGroup meetings are important, such as meetings with your team.

by developing the mindset of being an individual

55. You have a project you expect will take eight months. If you use the “divide and conquer” method, how will you process the project steps?

You will divide the project into required steps and do one step at a time

You will divide the steps into priorities and work the steps by priority.

You will divide the eight months in half, then divide again, and set milestones for each point

56. Should having meetings with your team members ever be on your not-to-do list?

yes, when there isn’t a clear objective for the meeting

no, because attending meetings is part of your job

yes, if too much of your time is spent on meetings

57. You want to start setting a daily processing time to work on your emails. How can you use flags in your email program to improve your productivity?

Flag emails that you are going to send to the archive folder during your scheduled processing time.

Flag emails you have looked at and can be ignored until your scheduled processing time

Flag emails that require follow-up during your scheduled processing time.

58. What is the purpose of gathering tasks during quarterly planning?

It takes the goals you want to accomplish that quarter and quantifies them in the amount of time required

It breaks your goals down into “bite-size” pieces.

It helps you look forward to what you want to accomplish in future years

59. As the video conference leader, what’s the best way to remain engaged?

Ensure that everyone knows the purpose of the conference

Imagine that you are in the room with the attendees.

Provide clear instructions for how to watch the video

60. Your company allows employees to look at their social media during the day, within reason. David has been spending too much time doing it. As his manager, how should you approach this problem?

Limit all employees to only looking at social media on breaks

Prohibit David from looking at his social media accounts

Provide David with a set amount of time during the day for social media.

61. What is the purpose of setting a limit on your least valuable activities?

It lets you prioritize activities by monetary value.

It keeps you from having to delegate the activities.

It enables extra time for more valuable activities

62. Your manager’s task is due in 30 days. In which situation are you best utilizing the “latest?” question for setting reasonable expectations?

committing to complete the task in 33 days

committing to complete the task at the latest date possible

committing to complete the task in 25 days

63. Imagine you are the administrative assistant for a busy sales manager. If they’ve asked you to use the “Yes, No, maybe” technique, which of these statement is correct?

“Maybe” are calls that you should deal with yourself completely.

“No” are calls that you should check if the manager wants to deal with.

“Yes” are calls that should always go through to the sales manager

64. Which time-management strategy, generally intended for coordinating with your family, works well in your business?

scheduling conversations at a time that is most convenient

ensuring everyone has access to each other’s schedule

having everything scheduled in just one calendar

65. Which productivity insight can you gain if you chart your daily activities once per quarter?

the hours of free time you were not aware of

the number of interruptions you have per hour

the amount of time you spend on your most important activities

66. Your salary is $30 per hour and your assistant’s is $15 per hour. You need a presentation for a sales meeting. What should you do to gain value from having your assistant prepare the presentation?

Continually review your assistant’s work in progress and offer valuable suggestions along the way.

Productively use the time that your assistant is preparing the presentation to work on high-value tasks

Give your assistant a required completion time for the presentation, so it will be ready for you.

67. How does celebrating your team’s successes improve their productivity?

When you celebrate your team’s successes, you provide a chemical change to their brains that make them more open-minded.

When you celebrate your team’s successes, you demonstrate you are more than just a boss who uses them to get work done

When you celebrate your team’s successes, you provide a chemical change to their brains that motivates them

68. Ideally, you should use a shared schedule with your team to schedule meetings. Which caution goes along with this?

Do not show meeting times as busy on your calendar.

Allow team members to suggest meeting times, but not schedule them on your behalf

Only schedule 60-minute appointments to make sure you have enough time to discuss things.

69. Your predecessor as team leader often took phone calls from other team leaders after work hours. Now that you are in the position, how can you stop coworkers from encroaching on your personal time?

Always accept that if the coworker says it is an emergency, then it must be emergency.

Have a regular schedule of morning one-on-one meetings with the other team leaders

Tell coworkers to set an appointment for the next day to discuss the issues that they call about.

70. You are a freelancer who bills by the hour for the work you do. When you are not doing billable work, how should you spend your time to make the most use of it?

working for your business

working with your business

working on your business

71. How can handling ideas that pop into your mind during your workday cause the most significant time loss?

The ideas take time from the tasks you need to perform.

You are unable to utilize gathering points to save time.

Transition time is needed to get back to the task you were working on

72. Why is email preferred over texting as the primary method of communication in a business?

Emails can be read and dealt with according to a processing schedule.

Email is useful for relaying quick, one-way information

It shouldn’t be. Text messages are actually more effective for most business needs

73. You continually have difficulty completing tasks. What is the first step in dealing with this problem?

Find the reason why you are unable to complete tasks

Limit the number of tasks you try to accomplish in a day.

Plan for tasks taking longer than you estimated.

74. Which question is most important to ask when deciding whether to accept a learning opportunity?

Do I have time available for this?

Can I take action on this?

Are there better opportunities available?

75. Image your optimal break cycle is every 90 minutes. If you skip your break and keep working, what will likely occur?

You will not be able to function

Every extra minute you work will provide reduced performance.

Your focus and performance will expand to the longer optimal cycle

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