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Web Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB | Week 2

Graded Quiz

1. What is the purpose of the loginButtons template?

To implement a Bootstrap login form.

To provide a wooden theme for your buttons.

To provide user login and registration forms.

To display information about who is logged in.

2. Which of the following user accounts packages are provided by the Meteor Developer Group (clue – look them up on and check who the contributor is).





3. Which of the following are installed automatically when you install the Meteor framework? Select all that apply.





4. Which is the simplest way to retrieve a single item from a collection called ‘documents’?

Using the pretty function

Using the select function

Using the find function

Using the findOne function

5. Select all important things to look for when looking for Meteor packages

Lots of downloads

Good documentation

Recent activity on the github page

A cool name

6. Why is it ok for the server to insert data to the database, for example in a start up script, without calling a method?

The server is a trusted system of which we are in control.

It is not actually possible to check what the server is inserting.

The code in a method is eventually run on the server anyway.

The server automatically checks all data it inserts.

7. Create and run new meteor application with the following commands:

meteor create myapp
cd myapp
meteor npm install

meteor mongo

meteor shell


meteor mongo shell

8. Following on from the previous question, where you ran these commands:

meteor create myapp
cd myapp
meteor npm install

In a separate terminal window, run an additional command to add the basic user authentication package:

meteor add accounts-password

Now start the Meteor mongo shell. In the mongo shell, run the following command:

show collections

Which collections can you see in the database? Select all that apply





9. In your blank ‘my app’ project, access the meteor mongo shell. In the shell, run the command:

show dbs

Which databases are there? (select all that apply)





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