Writing a Resume

Q1. When networking, use your resume _____.

as a script to recite verbatim

for nothing; your resume has nothing to do with your networking

to hand out to individuals in your field

as a road map to guide the conversation and present you as a cohesive person with a plan

Q2. Volunteer work gets its own section on your resume because _____.

you’re a member of an organization

it’s unpaid

it’s work that mirrors your professional experience

it’s about recognition

Q3. When engaging in an informational interview what should you avoid doing?

Know the contents of your resume.

Obtain information about an industry and corporate culture of a specific company.

Present your resume in hopes of meeting with the hiring manager and ask for a job.

Have your resume ready in case the person asks to see one.

Q4. When conducting a proactive job search for a large company, which HR representative should you contact?

Training & Development

Employee Relations

Compensation & Benefits


Q5. How can you take the spotlight off of a gap in your employment?

Highlight what you did during the gap in employment.

Exclude your dates of employment.

Unfortunately, there is no way to take the spotlight off of gaps in employment.

Add fuzziness to some dates of employment to cover the gap.

Q6. Before applying to a job, what are some things you can do to help you identify and eliminate red flags?

Apply first and see how it goes.

Make sure the job you are applying to is for a larger company than your current job.

Have an idea about what you liked about your current and past work environments and then apply that logic to future jobs.

Make sure that the job description matches your skills and experience.

Q7. What is the purpose of an objective?

An objective serves no purpose.

It adds more content to your resume.

It expresses that you need a job.

It focuses the reader on you as a candidate by showcasing your skills and how you can help your future employer solve a problem.

Q8. What points should you remember throughout your job search process?

Resumes are subjective and will get you a job interview, not the job.

The process of getting a job has not changed much, but resume writing has.

When writing your resume, you should avoid addition sections, keywords, and key facts that will make you stand out.

Resumes should not be customized and will land you your dream job.

Q9. Spell check won’t catch mistakes in your _____.

phone number

none of these answers

both of these answers

email address

Q10. What activities could someone who has been unemployed for over 6 months, use to fill the void on their resume?

volunteer work

all of these answers

consulting work

continuing education

Q11. When outlining your experience on your resume, which statement is false?

Make sure the experience is relevant.

Place the most important bullets first.

none of these answers

Use keywords.

Q12. If you don’t have many achievements, in what area of your resume should you put them?

Add them under your education.

Keep them off your resume and discuss them only in the interview.

Mention them in your objective.

Move them into your summary of qualifications.

Q13. Which statement about volunteer work is false?

Volunteer work can demonstrate leadership ability.

There are not a lot of organization looking for volunteers.

Shows your passion for an organization and your unpaid commitment.

You can use your experience in a volunteer role as substitute for actual work experience.

Q14. In your professional experience section, dates of employment should _____.

be on the right side of the page

all of these answers

flow chronologically from most recent to oldest

include month and year

Q15. Sending a handwritten thank you note _____.

all of these answers

puts your interview back in the mind of the interviewer

provides an opportunity for you to restate your qualifications and mention something you may have forgotten

reminds the interviewer of your interest in the position

Q16. When is the best time to ask questions regarding the next steps in the hiring process?

Ask about next steps 48 hours after your interview, via phone or email.

Ask about next steps while you are in the room with the interviewer.

Never! This is a rude question.

Ask about next steps 24 hours after your interview, via phone or email.

Q17. When applying for a job online, how can your resume demonstrate you are the right fit?

By customizing and detailing your resume with skills relating to the job you’re applying to.

It can’t, only an interview can demonstrate you are the right fit.

By applying to different jobs, in the same company, using the same resume.

By submitting your resume multiple times

Q18. Your online presence should tell your future employer _____.

the name of your favorite celebrity

you have a lot of friends

you are a fun person

you have expertise in your field

Q19. Which section title should not be included on your CV?

teaching experience


detailed technical skills


Q20. In the entertainment business, when will you need a traditional resume?

You should not use a traditional resume for a job in the entertainment business.

If you work behind the scenes, in a corporate office or hold a more traditional job.

If you are a musician seeking more industry exposure.

If you are a model.

Q21. Which can be considered going overboard on your marketing resume?


both of these answers

QR Codes

none of these answers, since there is no such thing as going overboard with your marketing resume

Q22. How should you present your experience on your resume?

List the name of the company your worked for above your most recent job title. Both should reside close to the left margin.

all of these answers

Include your dates of employment close to the right margin.

Label your experience section “Professional Experience” or “Experience”.

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